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Charcoal and pencil on paper is also a beautiful medium to display images of furry family members. The works below are samples of commissioned drawings done by Joyce Lazzara using charcoal and pencil.  You can contact her for information on how to commission a drawing.

14" x 17"

14″ x 17″

19" x 25"

19″ x 25″


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J Charisse SandbergPosted on6:48 am - Oct 7, 2017

I have had a drawing of the back of a young woman, with a small bit of a vertical border on the left of what looks like herringbone cloth, called “Strawberry Blonde III”, signed J. Lazarra (signature looks pretty much the same as here, as far as I can tell) for a little over 30 years. I was wondering if you could tell me if this your work. It might help to know that the woman’s hair is braided, and then crossed on top of her head, sort of like in some Dutch paintings, I think. There are also some large tropical-looking leaves of some kind that are cut out from the rest of the work. It’s done in what looks like an auburnish (sepia?) pencil, to me, but I’m not an artist. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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