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Joyce Lazzara enjoys capturing memories using portraiture.  She is available for commissioned work, so feel free to contact the gallery for more information at (941) 243-3997 or JoyceLazzaraArt@gmail.com.


Mrs. Berger
Oil on Canvas
50″ x 70″ Commission

December 2016

December 2016
Oil on Canvas
24″ x 20″

GailOil on Canvas36"x24" Commission

Oil on Canvas
36″ x 24″ Commission

Aaron FodimanOil on Canvas30" x 24" Commission

Aaron Fodiman
Oil on Canvas
30″ x 24″ Commission

Mr. DawsonOil on Canvas24" x 20" Commission

Mr. Dawson
Oil on Canvas
24″ x 20″ Commission

KirstenOil on Canvas18" x 13" Commission

Oil on Canvas
18″ x 13″ Commission

Russel Girls Oil on Canvas 32" x 44" Commission

Russel Girls
Oil on Canvas
32″ x 44″ Commission






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